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About Calypso Finance LTD

Welcome to Calypso Finance LTD

Global Financial Market has witnessed a seismic change over the last two-three decades. Digitalization of the world economy, the rapid development of technology, increase within in the variety of commercial organizations, inflated market participation and high trading volumes have all created markets, very little additional complicated than before.

Calypso started its activity as an atiny low subsidiary of an oversized trading company with a set financial gain. We grew from 2 staff in an old rented workplace to an oversized cluster of qualified professionals operating in a company with free statutory and company policies at its own headquarters. Calypso Finance LTD has practiced extraordinary growth in an exceedingly short amount of your time. Our company is headquartered in the Manchester, GB.

Initially, we were engaged in the development and operation of high-frequency trading strategies only within the futures markets. Recently, we've considerably dilated the scope of our activities within the direction of high-frequency trade by adding all the most important categories of digital assets and a wider variety of unique strategies.

Today Calypso Finance LTD operate with the following instruments:
- Futures;
- Options;
- Exchange-traded products (ETPs);
- Digital assets (crypto-currencies).

In all these systems, we use a strategy of High-Frequency trading (HFT).
HFT could be a broader term for varied trading methods that involve buying and selling financial assets at very high speeds. Computers can identify market patterns and buy or sell these products in a matter of milliseconds based on special algorithms.
Today HFT trading accounted for about 70-80 percent of stock trades, compared with 20-30 percent of the traditional manual type of trading.
One strategy is to serve as a market maker where we provide products on both the buy and sell sides. By purchasing at the bid price and selling at the asking price, Calypso Finance LTD can make profits of a penny or less per share. This translates into big profits when multiplied over millions of trades.

We are may purchase 1000 shares for $100 each (the ask price) and then offer to sell them to a buyer at $100.03 (the bid price). The distinction between the ask and bid price is simply $0.03, however by trading many lots of shares every day (hundreds of thousands or even millions), Calypso manages to pocket a big chunk of profit.

There’s no way that humans can compete with a computer making 1,000 trades a second. Most computer programs are specifically designed to manipulate the psychology of fear and greed for beginners or even experienced traders. Cold calculations eventually cause hysterical sales among people, undermine trust and feed a vicious circle, which means our victory and this always has a positive effect on our assets.
The computers react to evidence exponentially faster than any human — think millionths of a second, instead of minutes — and can move en masse, trading at high volumes around the world. That makes them potentially more cost-effective than even a large team of experienced employees.
For example, human can only track activities in a few instruments, while automated systems can do thousands simultaneously. Our computers do not require taking breaks. This is systems are always active.

The pay for high profitability is the need to properly invest very large resources into technology to ensure our traders have the fastest technology and newest efficient algorithms, and our company looked most profitable and reliable for our partners.

Trading is an intense and challenging industry. Calypso Finance LTD is in constant and direct competition with a number of the most effective and brightest minds within the world.
The market rewards intelligence, hard work, tolerance, and determination, all of which serve as Calypso Finance LTD.

"It is not your father’s stock market anymore,"
Sal Arnuk, a co-founder of the New Jersey equity Themis Trading.

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